before + AFTER // Real Estate Office // San Diego

Where does the time actually go? I swear just last week I was commuting down to San Diego to work with the 710 Beach Rentals team on updating their office space, fighting the traffic both ways and working and reworking the plan to fit in the budget. Alas, no. I actually finished this project back in April and have honestly been meaning to share the … Continue reading before + AFTER // Real Estate Office // San Diego

New Paintings – Conversation One

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories recently then you saw the billion and one studies I was working on for a larger commission diptych. I’ve never made more studies in my life. No joke, I don’t even think I made that many practice works when I was studying for my Fine Art degree. I knew when I received the commission that I wanted to really push … Continue reading New Paintings – Conversation One

before + AFTER // Master Bedroom // Long Beach

  HOLA! Super excited to get this post up today!! I have been leaking all kinds of spoilers on my Instagram about this project – I just haven’t been able to help myself! Working with the Hilger’s was an absolute joy. Not only because we’ve known each other since the dinosaurs roamed the earth BUT also because they both have great taste and full trust in the … Continue reading before + AFTER // Master Bedroom // Long Beach

Genius Ikea Hacks for the Mosslanda Shelving system. Shelf styling and other great ideas for shelves. Furniture hacks from Ikea

Genius Hacks – Ikea Mosslanda

Raise your hand (or glass – no judging) if you have a soft spot for Ikea? I know the major Swedish design house gets a lot of schlock for being low brow and mass marketed but I completely disagree. I think with the right ingenuity the high street brand can make a bold appearance in any home! One of the classics I’ve used time and time … Continue reading Genius Hacks – Ikea Mosslanda

Top 10 LARGE Round Mirrors

Round mirrors have been popping up all over the interior design world and since we are incorporating one into our clients Master Bedroom Project I’ve been dredging through the internet looking for the perfect large round mirror  for their space. Here are a list of my top 10 in the stores right now: 1. 2. 3. 4.   5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.   … Continue reading Top 10 LARGE Round Mirrors