Patio Chair Roundup

In my quest to find my client a set of fabulous but COMFORTABLE outdoor chairs – I must have scoured hundreds and hundreds of options. The criteria may seem simple – but I knew that she needed something she could genuinely curl up in with a good book and a glass of wine. In this hot California climate, the typical outdoor plastic chair was never … Continue reading Patio Chair Roundup

Genius Ikea Hacks for the Mosslanda Shelving system. Shelf styling and other great ideas for shelves. Furniture hacks from Ikea

Genius Hacks – Ikea Mosslanda

Raise your hand (or glass – no judging) if you have a soft spot for Ikea? I know the major Swedish design house gets a lot of schlock for being low brow and mass marketed but I completely disagree. I think with the right ingenuity the high street brand can make a bold appearance in any home! One of the classics I’ve used time and time … Continue reading Genius Hacks – Ikea Mosslanda

Mood Board - by Southern California Artist and Interior Designer Heather Knight-Willcock. Concept board for a Home Office makeover transformation. Modern Creative

Home Office – Concept Board

Concept Boards – Mood Boards – Inspiration Collage – Inspo – whatever term you prefer to use – can be PRICELESS tools when working with new clients. They help to forge a visual vocabulary for helping your client define the direction they want their space to go. I’ve found it important when working with new clients to offer them comprehensive concept boards. When some clients … Continue reading Home Office – Concept Board

Pillow Selection – Project K, Society6

I am nearing the final stages of proposal for a clients existing master bedroom restyle. We had discussed in our meetings mainly pulling for decorations sake – as there are already some gorgeous pieces in the room – a deep blue denim headboard, marble mid century side tables and a fantastic area rug. I have been mainly sourcing artwork, throw blankets, decorative pillows etc which … Continue reading Pillow Selection – Project K, Society6

Pillow Selection, West Elm

Having a blast working on a restyle of a clients existing master bedroom. The room already had some gorgeous pieces – a deep blue denim headboard, marble mid century side tables and a fantastic area rug. We are pulling mainly for decoration sake – so I am looking for artwork, throw blankets, pillows etc to call on the existing colors in the area rug that … Continue reading Pillow Selection, West Elm