Mood Board - by Southern California Artist and Interior Designer Heather Knight-Willcock. Concept board for Real Estate office in San Diego. Urban, Creative & Professional office space

Professional Office Space – Concept Boards

We are currently working on a concept proposal for a Real Estate firm in San Diego who need to revamp their office both aesthetically and functional. I recently drafted these two concept proposals for the space which the client loved and we are now moving forward into the contract and spec approval stage. All very exciting! xxx HeatherKW Continue reading Professional Office Space – Concept Boards

Pillow Selection – Project K, Society6

I am nearing the final stages of proposal for a clients existing master bedroom restyle. We had discussed in our meetings mainly pulling for decorations sake – as there are already some gorgeous pieces in the room – a deep blue denim headboard, marble mid century side tables and a fantastic area rug. I have been mainly sourcing artwork, throw blankets, decorative pillows etc which … Continue reading Pillow Selection – Project K, Society6