New Paintings – Conversation One

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories recently then you saw the billion and one studies I was working on for a larger commission diptych. I’ve never made more studies in my life. No joke, I don’t even think I made that many practice works when I was studying for my Fine Art degree. I knew when I received the commission that I wanted to really push … Continue reading New Paintings – Conversation One

Abstract, mixed media work by artist Heather Knight-Willcock of CaliRose Lifestyle. Mixed media on paper, Acrylic abstract - bold colors and patters.

Always gold, always.

This past week has been oh so very, very hectic. Balancing lots of social and work engagements and you’re having fun until you turn around and realize you haven’t done anything for yourself yet! This is the issue when you’re trying to balance two passions at once! I’ve been trying to make it a huge priority to ensure I’m taking the time and painting at … Continue reading Always gold, always.