Blush and tan might just be the next big interior design trend! Pink and leather. blush and tan living rooms

HOW TO // style Blush & Tan

Since I painted the living room armchairs a rich, warm cognac color (See the DIY here) – the rest of the room just looked incredibly bland. So much tan! Tan carpet, tan chairs, wood floors, wood shelves, wicker planters, greige walls – the list could go on and on. While I do not regret painting those armchairs one bit – the overall boring space had … Continue reading HOW TO // style Blush & Tan

HOW TO // Style Dalmatian Print

Spots, dots & the whole lot. Dalmatian print is making a bold statement in homes at the moment! I can attest to the power of this pattern as my entire design relationship with a favorite client of mine started with this super fun print. As it usually goes, the client was inspired by something she found on Pinterest so she bought a huge canvas and … Continue reading HOW TO // Style Dalmatian Print

HOW TO // Style Faux Real Fake Plants

I am such a huge fan of plants that my house is nearing Jumanji status. For me, plants bring an element of care and attention to a home that allows a space to look more human and more “lived in” than your average straight out of a catalog look. However, not all my clients feel the same about their house to plant ratio like I … Continue reading HOW TO // Style Faux Real Fake Plants

HOW TO // Painted Leather DIY

Hello team! Hope everyone is keeping warm and cozy through this winter and staying out of trouble! Trouble for me means hitting up all the New Year sales and buying all the furniture I want so desperately but know I shouldn’t. In an attempt to distract myself I knew I needed to get my hands dirty with a little DIY up-cycle on something that I … Continue reading HOW TO // Painted Leather DIY

Little Girls playroom - fun, colorful playroom designed by Calirose Design in Southern California. Bohemian playroom. Mudcloth pattern wall mural - handprinted wall mural.

before & AFTER // Girls Playroom // Mission Viejo

  This was such a fun project to work on! When I met the Major family they were in an absolute rut with their spare room and wanted to create a shared space for their six and eight year old girls to play in. They wanted a fresh space that their family could take pride in and be a show stopper for slumber parties and … Continue reading before & AFTER // Girls Playroom // Mission Viejo

Outdoor patio mood board - Boho outdoor patio space with plants, dark walls & blue cushions. Green outdoor space. Modern bohemian patio. Before & after patio outdoor space.

before & AFTER // Outdoor Space // Venice Beach

Welcome to the Project Venice outdoor reveal! This fresh garden is a great example of how to go bold with color & pattern outdoors, but still have it be sophisticated and even calm. We were super excited to work on this project with the couple who rented this back house in Venice Beach because we could see the potential underneath a poorly maintained space. Unfortunately, … Continue reading before & AFTER // Outdoor Space // Venice Beach

HOW TO // Succulent Wreath DIY

  Here’s a quick and fun DIY for a beautiful succulent wreath! Start off with a plain bent wood wreath. Mine is from this one from Michaels with a look that is super versatile for different projects and to be honest very beautiful in its own right. Next, pick up any color of silk flowers you want. I went with these stunning fire orange poppies. Cut off … Continue reading HOW TO // Succulent Wreath DIY