Back in February I was itching to start a new art challenge. My last challenge took place while we were traveling for several months last year and was 100 days straight of watercolor paintings.

I knew I wasn’t ready to dedicate myself to another 100 days so thought a fresh 30 day challenge would be a softer landing. Because my day to day life can be hectic – I set some ground rules that would help keep me on track.

First, the painting had to be done every morning while I ate my breakfast. I’m not one to skip breakfast or at least a hot cup of tea so I knew I could find five minutes every single morning where I would be sat down and have time to paint a quick watercolor.

Second, I wanted this challenge to be more about seeing the same thing in a different way but expressed in the same medium. Same but different but same. This concept is something that I have been trying to explore recently with my artwork and this series was the kickstart to all of that.

Third, I thought I wanted to subject matter to be the same but wasn’t excited about painting the same still life for 30 days. So what did I see every day that was recognizably the same but also still very different?

Avocados. Damn, I love myself some avocado!!

We probably go through at least a dozen of these green fruits a week in this house so I knew they would always be on hand and also a usual suspect in our breakfasts so fit with the first rule of executing this painting every morning.

The 30 day challenge finished back in March and you may have seen some of the progress if you follow my Instagram and watch my stories. However, I have just managed to scan in all of the individual paintings and post them here and I am also loading them onto my Etsy for sale.

I think these would be fab in a large set in a kitchen or adorable in a little kids room. Who doesn’t love an avocado?

Check them out – let me know what you think.

Avocado Series Day 1
Day One
Avocado Series Day 2
Day Two
Avocado Series Day 3
Day Three
Avocado Series Day 4
Day Four
Avocado Series Day 5
Day Five
Avocado Series Day 6
Day Six
Avocado Series Day 7
Day Seven
Avocado Series Day 8
Day Eight
Avocado Series Day 9
Day Nine
Avocado Series Day 10
Day Ten
Avocado Series Day 11
Day Eleven
Avocado Series Day 12
Day Twelve
Avocado Series Day 13
Day Thirteen
Avocado Series Day 14
Day Fourteen
Avocado Series Day 15
Day Fifteen
Avocado Series Day 16
Day Sixteen
Avocado Series Day 17
Day Seventeen
Avocado Series Day 18
Day Eighteen
Avocado Series Day 19
Day Nineteen
Avocado Series Day 20
Day Twenty
Avocado Series Day 21
Day Twenty One
Avocado Series Day 22
Day Twenty Two
Avocado Series Day 23
Day Twenty Three
Avocado Series Day 24
Day Twenty Four
Avocado Series Day 25
Day Twenty Five
Avocado Series Day 26
Day Twenty Six
Avocado Series Day 27
Day Twenty Seven
Avocado Series Day 28
Day Twenty Eight
Avocado Series Day 29
Day Twenty Nine
Avocado Series Day 30
Day Thirty



Heather KW

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