If you’ve been following my Instagram stories recently then you saw the billion and one studies I was working on for a larger commission diptych.

I’ve never made more studies in my life. No joke, I don’t even think I made that many practice works when I was studying for my Fine Art degree.

I knew when I received the commission that I wanted to really push the boat out there on this one. I needed to push myself into a real conversation about shapes and color – the way they interact and how that can lead each viewer to a unique interpretation.

If you know anything about my design process then you know I am constantly sharing and asking and looking for feedback. You can imagine then all of the interpretations I heard over the month I worked on those previously mentioned billion and one studies.

Not only did people see shapes, colors, lines but they also saw a myriad of other scenes and emotions. I won’t go into detail here about exactly what other people were seeing as I think its crucial you have your own moment.

Take your time, look around – and absolutely let me know what you think…

Conversations One 1:2 crop
Conversation One 1/2 – 8×10″ Acrylic on Panel
Conversations One 2:2 crop
Conversation One 2/2 – 8×10″ Acrylic on Panel



Heather KW

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