HOW TO // Style Ikea Mosslanda

Genius Ikea Hacks for the Mosslanda Shelving system. Shelf styling and other great ideas for shelves. Furniture hacks from Ikea

Raise your hand (or glass – no judging) if you have a soft spot for Ikea? I know the major Swedish design house gets a lot of schlock for being low brow and mass marketed but I completely disagree. I think with the right ingenuity the high street brand can make a bold appearance in any home!

One of the classics I’ve used time and time again is Ikea Mosslanda. The simple shelving system has made countless  appearances in clients homes – and it even makes a feature in my own bathroom and guest bedroom. I think its one of those classic basics that Ikea just gets right over and over again.

Went to Pinterest  today for inspiration as I am considering them for a clients bedroom and wanted to see how multifunctional they could be.

I was über impressed with the way designers utilized the Mosslanda in so many different ways. Below are some of my favorites:


succulents and moss in the picture tray
image via Spoonful of Pretty


shoe rack
image via Ikea
ikea side boards
image via Ikea Nederlands


ikea mosslanda with plants
image via Pinterest
ikea_black kitech
image via Elle Decoration
ikea headboard hack
image via Ikea Sweden


ikea mosslandia
image via Bloglovin


One thought on “HOW TO // Style Ikea Mosslanda

  1. Just installed our first mosslandia shelf in the dressing room for family gallery to enjoy every morning. Thanks for the inspiration. X


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