Dining Room – Concept Proposal

Post holiday season – many of us are reflecting on how we can fit more friends and family into our homes when we host parties! I know I def had a few people eating Christmas dinner on their laps on the floor this year and I don’t think I’m alone!

A client came to me recently asking for some budget friendly – but stylish! – suggestions for a wood panelled dining space! She hadn’t actually gotten around to filling the room with any furniture but was desperate to start hosting dinner parties and having friends over!

Here’s the space:


GAH! Someone went a bit panelling mad!

If I knew anything about this space – it was that we would have to avoid as much as possible ANY wood dining furniture as wood-on wood-on wood can only really go so far.

You may think that sounds easy – but its really actually quite difficult. Most designers – especially with the current trend of mid century being so hot – are using alllllllll the wood. Clearly my criteria had to lean towards other natural elements such as leather, marble and metal.

Check out my proposals, plus links and prices for all of the furniture! Professional designs for free!

Suggestion One:

Dining room suggestions for a dark wood dining space - elegant dining table & dining chairs. Webbed dining chairs with Carrera marble and black dining chairs

Ikea – Black Strutted Chair – $85 – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70206804/
Width: 20 1/2 ” Depth: 18 1/8 “Height: 29 7/8 “
Width: 25″ Depth: 23″ Height: 32.5″
CB2 – White Carrera Marble & Iron Dining Table – $899 – http://www.cb2.com/paradigm-54-dining-table/s283021
Width: 54″ Depth: 35″ Height: 30″***
***This table also comes in a longer version
CB2 – White Carrera Marble & Iron Dining Table – $1,499   http://www.cb2.com/paradigm-80-dining-table/s170718
Suggestion Two:

Dining room suggestions for a dark wood dining space - elegant dining table & dining chairs. White acrylic round dining table & upholstered grey dining chairs with brass

Wayfair – Circular White Dining Table $1,331.99 currently on sale for $984.99 https://www.wayfair.com/Moes-Home-Collection-Otago-Dining-Table-QHC2279.html
Overall: 75” H x 47” L x 47” W**
CB2 – Brass Rouka Grey Chair – $249 – http://www.cb2.com/rouka-chair/s573870
Width: 20.5″ Depth: 21.5″ Height: 31.25″
**They also make this table in a larger oblong shape – $1008 –  https://www.wayfair.com/Deodat-Dining-Table-EY3196-EY3196.html
Overall: 29.53” H x 78.85” L x 43.31’’ W
Suggestion Three:

Dining room suggestions for a dark wood dining space - elegant dining table & dining chairs. Leather dining chairs & upholstered back dining chair. Glass and Brass dining table

Wayfair – 1x Grey Upholstered Chair – $183.99 currently on sale for $89.99 https://www.wayfair.com/Park-Place-Arm-Chair-MCRR6521-MCRR6521.html
Overall: 31” H x 26” W x 23” D
CB2 – 1x Glass & Brass Dining Table – $399 http://www.cb2.com/silverado-brass-72-rectangular-dining-table/s593741
Width: 72″ Depth: 36″ Height: 29″
CB2 – Leather Dining Chair $249 each http://www.cb2.com/roadhouse-leather-chair/s208030
Width: 16.5″ Depth: 18″ Height: 30″
Now don’t tell me I don’t love you!

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