• This article on my spirit animal – Brigid Berlin – and a new book on her polaroids from the Andy Warhol days brigid-berlin-polaroids-009-nocrop-w670-h511-2x
  • I wish there were more love letters like these to Michelle Obama. She is the bees knees and will be sorely missed michelle_obama29
  • These incredible, irregular porcelain dishes from Suite One Studio – love love love them so hard. Can I re-register for my wedding?698cc6dee1dd6fa35a5d1d075ad328a3
  • This excerpt from the  Rashida Jones essay on Michelle Obama – I have been discussing this topic a lot with my girlfriends recently and think it is incredibly honest and relatable at not only my age – but any age. We need to openly discuss these topics with younger women – it took me until my late twenties till I could even articulate this concept!

    “Rarely can someone express their many identities at the same time while seeming authentic. My female friends and I often talk about feeling like we’re “too much.” We’re complicated; we want to be so many things. I want to be a boss and also be vulnerable. I want to be outspoken and respected, but also sexy and beautiful.

    All women struggle to reconcile the different people that we are at all times, to merge our conflicting desires, to represent ourselves honestly and feel good about the inherent contradictions. But Michelle manages to do this with poise, regardless of the scrutiny. That, to me, is the best thing for feminism. Her individual choices force us to accept that being a woman isn’t just one thing. Or two things. Or three things. The position of first lady is, unfortunately, symbolic, and that makes it fair game for media analysis ad nauseam. But no think piece can fully encompass a real woman.

    Michelle Obama will have her own legacy, separate from her husband’s. And it will be that she was the first first lady to show women that they don’t have to choose. That it’s okay to be everything.” – Rashida Jones #girlboss


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