Luxurious home design with butterflies, gold foil, bone china and art deco design. The Curious Department - UK design team. Locally produced and ethically sourced home goods.

Recently – via the expansive world of social media – I linked up with Ross & Chris over at The Curious Department as I was looking for engaging, gorgeous artwork for styling and they were looking for more exposure for their new line, METAMORPHOSIS.

Butterfly artwork - Art Deco - linear art - geometric print. Lovely artwork with butterflies for interior. Gold foil on black card stock

Ross says, “We have always been fascinated by transformation and subverting traditional ideas – our first collection was inspired by this notion and is named ‘METAMORPHOSIS’. The idea being that we take things that can be perceived as ugly like insects and creepy crawlers and turn them into mesmeric visions of beauty.’


With a combined 30 years experience working in the creative industry – partnering with major high street brands such as Asos, M&S and other big players in the entertainment industry – Creative Director, Ross, and Marketing and Branding Director, Chris, were ripe for combining their seasoned skills towards designing a product line all their own.

For years, Chris and Ross had been seeking out products for their homes and offices which were engaging, stunning and well priced from those easy, go-to high street brands but over and over again were led to stagnant, uninspiring dead ends. They were constantly coming up against poor quality, over production and a general lack of inspiration in what the big chains were producing.


Instead of living in this gen-pop rut and knowing they couldn’t possibly be alone- they decided to put their efforts together and produce their own line of products which would meet the criteria they had spent years searching for.

Mndala Cabinet v4 copyThe pair have produced some incredibly complex designs using gold foil and ethically sourced butterflies – combining the opulence of the blue Ulysses butterflies with the mathematical but clean patterns afforded by the Art Deco era. All of the concepts and designs are produced in their studios along with the mounting and preservation of the butterflies.

Each Gold Foil design is limited to a small batch run of 100 and each print comes with a stamp of authenticity and a unique limited edition number.


Now that collection one is out on the market – Ross and Chris have turned their attention to more interior products. Soon to launch is their bone china range inspired by their insect Mandala print. The china is gilded with real gold and produced in Stoke – the uk’s most famous town for pottery/chinaware. The collection consists of teacups, teapots, 3 sizes of plates, mugs & bowls.

China Bowtie IMG_7035 copy

Next season we are planning to move into lighting & soft furnishings and have already started the process and feel very excited about the new collection.

For more information and to peruse their stock further – check them out at The Curious Department or follow their Instagram account.

They have already been picked up by Not On The High Street and have talks with other major retailers in the UK.



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